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Capell & Howard’s Richard H. Allen, J. Lister Hubbard offer public webinar on Ala. public contracts, procurement regulations

On April 19, Capell & Howard shareholder attorneys Richard H. Allen and J. Lister Hubbard delivered an open webinar on Alabama’s public contracts and procurement regulations.

Still available to the public, the webinar focuses on the major features of the Alabama Public Works Law, Title 39, which address procurement of construction contracts, and the Alabama Competitive Bid Law, Title 41, which addresses procurement of goods and services by state and local authorities.

The webinar offers CLE and ENG continuing education credits, and the material is catered to and will prove most beneficial to employees of state, local and other public bodies who participate in the procurement of public contracts; contractors/vendors who compete for these contracts; and attorneys who represent clients in Alabama. For more information on the webinar or to purchase and view the material, click here.

Richard and Lister have both lectured across Alabama on topics involving public contracts and procurement regulations, public works laws and construction law. To learn more about Richard and his legal practice, click here. To learn more about Lister, click here.