Alternative Dispute Resolution

Our attorneys have considerable experience in alternative dispute resolution (ADR), routinely serving as arbitrators, mediators, and legal representatives in various ADR forums.

Frank McFadden, a former United States District Court Judge, Northern District of Alabama (1969-82), is a member of the National and Construction Panels of Distinguished Neutrals of the CPR Institute for Dispute Resolution and American Arbitration Association National Advisory Council for Complex Cases.

Bill Coleman has served on the Alabama Supreme Court Commission on Dispute Resolution since it was formed in 1994, has served as President of the Alabama Center for Dispute Resolution, Inc. since 1994, has served as Chair of the Alabama State Bar Committee on Alternative Methods of Dispute Resolution, and is a panel member of the American Arbitration Association Panel of Distinguished Neutrals and the CPR Institute for Dispute Resolution, including its National Construction Panel.

Jimmy Walter has served as a mediator and as a legal representative in various ADR forums. Jimmy is a certified mediator registered on the Alabama State Court Mediator Roster.

Brooke Lawson has served as an arbitrator and as an advocate for his clients in variety of ADR forums. Brooke has extensive training in the field of alternative dispute resolution and is a certified arbitrator and mediator registered with the Alabama State Bar’s Center for Dispute Resolution

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